We believe in people.


At Vollpension Medien, it’s all about people. To be more precise, exciting personalities from the areas of acting, presenting, entertainment and sports who are exclusively under contract at Vollpension Medien GmbH. In addition, we offer you focussed support in the areas of PR, commercial & social media and provide know-how for a successful performance. In addition to our expertise, you benefit from our large network of event & PR agencies, casters, producers and TV managers. Together with the passion that we put into our work every day, this extensive networking is the key to our success.


As professionals in Influencer Marketing, we successfully bring people and brands together. You benefit from the fact that we can offer you all aspects of the value chain, from a single source – from the targeted advice, content developing, recruiting of influencers to the production and implementation of your project. Together, we define the appropriate strategy for you and work out measurable targets and goals. The focus is always on the best positioning of your brand at a high performance level.


The unit communication is in charge of placing your messages where they are supposed to be heard. We individually develop strategies to activate in the fields of events and sponsoring, social-media and guestlist management. We are actively using the symbiosis of our agency network by combining the units of Vollmanagement, Vollinfluencer and Vollkommunikation for the ideal placement of your message in the heart of your relevant target group.